How it works
Select Sender (SMS/iMessage) or Receiver and write a message. If you are familiar with the iPhone message system, you'll know that the green-box is you and they grey-box is the person you are having a conversation with.

When you are ready to add it to the conversation, simply click the "Add"-button and it will be visible in the preview.

Blue - iMessages you've sent
Green - Normal textmessages/SMS you've sent
Grey - Any messages you received
The message will be visible in this area
The "fake" person you are talking to
The "Name" is the person you are having the conversation with. You can fake any name you like and the name will be visible below once you change it.

Blur the name
Wanna add an anonymous feeling to it? Check the checkbox with the "Blur name" and see the magic
Since we don't know which country you are from, we let you decide which fits your country.
If you are pranking a friend then the clock might be important to change. You also decide if you need AM/PM or not. Which might depend on your country timezone.
The "Messages" and "Edit" text
Lets face it, not everyone have their phone on english, so we give you the option to change these to whatever fits your desired language. People outsite US love pranks too, you know? ;)
Internet connection
Yeah this one might not be important but we still give you the opportunity to change it to whatever you like as it will seem more authentic.
The battery status
It might seems fake if the iPhone has 100% battery, lets face it, who got that? All other fake text generators have 100%, come on, not authentic at all! So we made it way more realistic. Some people always have full battery, others empty, so this will look more authentic.
  • Conversation

  • Name

  • Operator


  • "Messages"


  • Connection


  • Battery status


Create fake iPhone text message. Download right after you're done and share with your friends. Use for textmessage pranks, jokes or whatever you like. Enjoy!

Update! Fake iOS7 Text Message now available

High quality & NO watermark on final image!

Connection AT&T 3G
97% Battery
9:41 AM
  • Is this really a fake iPhone conversation build on-the-go?

  • Yeah, and you can build your own & download image with no watermark! Use the editor to the left to get started, it will automatically remove these messages.

  • Amazing!


Create fake iPhone text. Easy to use, All languages supported,
High quality image download & NO WATERMARK!